New Year, New Deal!!

I’m not big on resolutions but, I do see the turning of the year as a tick mark on my available days left on this earth.  Being that my birthday is in December, that adds a little urgency come Jan 1 to reevaluate everything and see where I can make improvements.  There are many to make but here are  a few I don’t  mind sharing.

My Gary Vee, K Swiss, 002’s fresh out of the box.

This year I discovered the ever present and continually inspiring Gary Vaynerchuk.  His insight into himself and others has lead me to side hustle on a variety of my interests and start to make some nice advancements into something that I really love. (Plus he put out some really great shoes)  I’ve yet to put out any content besides this blog but, it’s all in the works.

The passions that I plan to “triple down on” this year are varied but, I have steps in place to tackle a few different things.  I will start my own podcast in the next 2 weeks and put out content that I enjoy.  I will advance my guitar playing and musicianship to a higher, more professional level.  I Will figure out my DAW and get some of my musical ideas recorded.

Photo by Jeremy Glazier.  Martin 00-17

I’d love to start a band or, at least pick up a singer to play some gigs on the weekends but, with 3 children all under 8, it does not allow for a lot of extra time to get in practice and dedicate the time needed to make that happen.  Until I can, I’ll continue to work my craft and knock off a few of those 10,000 hours needed!!!

So here’s to the short term goals and long term hustle and finally doing what makes me happy and not just what’s convenient.

Make yourselves a great new year.

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