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Elizabeth Moen, an Iowa Songbird. The Art Inside the Craft

Elizabeth Moen may have started her life with Iowa roots but her incredible talent as a singer, and songwriter has taken her from between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers that border Iowa, and onto the international stage.  She has created her own genre of music by blending r&b, rock, sentimental ballads, and a splash of edge punk from time to time.  And all that musical talent has not only allowed her to tour the world, but also saw Elizabeth asked a number of times to perform before several speeches of Representative Bernie Sanders. Her latest album, Wherever You Aren't, is available now and when we recorded the interview in late 2021, she was just wrapping up the initial stages of the recording.  We discuss everything from how she got started, to how she writes and compiles her songs for an album.  It you haven't experienced her brand of music yet, I can't suggest grabbing an album or two right away.  Visit her website to pick up an album or some merch and check out her incredible music videos. Also visit my Instagram to see some photos from her album release show at Gabes in Iowa City, Iowa and keep up to date with any of my projects. Please subscribe to the podcast on any platform you enjoy for more incredible interviews. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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