Poet, Writer, and Musician Noah Lekas. The Art Inside the Craft

Noah Lekas is an incredible poet, writer, and musician who draws on his mid-west roots as well as the literature and words of some of the greatest writers of this and the last century for his various inspirations.  His book Saturday Night Sage and vinyl album Sounds From the Shadow Factory were incredible works of art on their own and along with the films and music that were created based on his words, it all adds up to the pinnacle of artistic expression. Check out his website, Instagram, and twitter pages to stay up to date.  His band American Restless can be followed here as well. YouTube Videos Saturday Night Sage Out of the Storm Drains The Word We Got a Problem With Groundwater Keep up  to date with my photography and future podcasts on Instagram. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/artinsidethecraft/message
  1. Poet, Writer, and Musician Noah Lekas.
  2. Dickie Prall of the band DICKIE
  3. David Duchovny, songwriting, and his album Gestureland.
  4. Chris Roberts and his band of Rock-‘n’-Roll, Hippie, Cowboys.
  5. Kaiti Jones and her album Tossed