The Iowa Vietnam Veterans Project

This page is dedicated to my Vietnam Veterans photo and video project. Any and all Iowa, Vietnam era veterans, combat or non-combat, are welcome to reach out for a photo session and can take part of the video interview if interested. My goal is to tell the stories those that put on the uniform and contribute to our American story.

Why Vietnam era veterans you may ask?

My dad, John, served in the Air Force from 1971 to 1979. He didn’t spend any time in Vietnam, he did his part on an Air Force bases in Japan, the Philippines, and places he’s not even sure where he was. I grew up proud of his service and through his story as well as many Veterans I knew personally, and the boom of popular movies and TV shows of the 1980’s and 1990’s with the Vietnam war as a backdrop, I began to understand small pieces of the Vietnam veterans story. I don’t believe that they received the respect they deserve for the job their country asked them to do and my hope is that this project will, in some small way, shine a light on their sacrifice.

Last year my dad, fighting Alzheimer’s, had a setback with blood on his brain and temporarily lost his speech. It was a harsh wake up that the Vietnam Veterans were now the age of the WWII guys I saw on the news when I was growing up but, the Vietnam era guys didn’t get that spotlight like their predecessors and stories were being lost to the ravages of time. I decided to do something about it and document the stories they wanted to share with my cameras.

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