The Iowa Vietnam Vets Project

I wanted to pop in and post about my veterans project. I have a separate page dedicated to it and would appreciate you clicking on it and checking it out. It's a long term project and if you or anyone you know is a Iowa Vietnam veteran and would like to take part, please get... Continue Reading →

New Music Now Podcast

In addition to my own podcast, which you can find here, I also line produce and host a podcast called New Music Now over at Its a show where we invite 2 guests, one a music fan and the other a musician, and we each choose an album and talk about a couple songs... Continue Reading →

Music Reviews

I haven't posted an actual post in a while but here's a link to a very cool review for the new Gov't Mule album Heavy Load Blues It's a very cool album and has a lot of fantastic details through out the album. It's their first full on, "traditional", blues album, they used a lot... Continue Reading →

Podcast- The Art Inside The Craft

For anyone following me who may not know, I also have a podcast called The Art Inside the Craft where I talk to musicians, audio engineers, photographers, tour managers, and anyone that is super creative and piques my interest. I try and find people whose skill at their craft fascinates me and I try and... Continue Reading →

Marc Ford back on the Road

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Marc Ford twice in person, and recently interviewed him for Americana Highways. He’s always been the guitar player that inspired me, awed me, and made me listen to the notes he chose, as well as the spaces he left unplayed. He continues to be that inspiration for me and... Continue Reading →

Denny Gable

I began this article around 2010/2011 and struggled to get enough information to be able to present the whole story.  Bits of information here and there from the internet, many Ebay purchases of old Muscle Builder/Power Magazine, talking to family and friends, and I'm still filling in gaps.  At some point you just have to... Continue Reading →

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