The Iowa Music Project

I’ve been a fan of all kind of music since I first started spinning records on my dads 1970’s Pioneer record player and tape deck. Every different style of music I soaked in gave me a different appreciation for the craft of being a musician and the art of songwriting. I’ve carried it with me and continued to build on that appreciation with each new artist that I discover.

Because of that love, I’ve started a multiyear project that kicked off this year, 2022, and will continue until I feel I’ve got what I need. I am focusing on the Iowa music scene and all of the different people and places that help form Iowa music. And I feel that musicians, DJ’s, record stores, music stores, and clubs that are all integral parts of the story.

If you are in a band, an artist, or supporter of local music in any form, please reach out. I want to include as many diverse styles and genres as I can to capture the complete scene. You can contact me through this page or directly through my email link. If you are someone that may be able to help with funding or making connections, please reach out as I’m happy to collaborate and include as many Iowa resources as I can.

Below are a few samples of the kind of filming I’m doing and as I get more content put together I’ll add more so you can see the direction the project is taking.

Brian Johannesen at Trumpet Blossom.
Iowa Roots Round @CSPS Hall

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