Through the lens of Carter Tomassi

In my ever expanding hunt for all things Allman Brothers related, I purchased a Carter Tomassi print a year or so ago and mentioned that I would love to interview him about his photographs.  He was wonderfully accommodating throughout the purchase and said that he'd be more than happy to answer any questions I had. ... Continue Reading →

“You Gotta Sin…”

Along with the Podcast that I'm doing with my buddy Rod, I will also throw in some album reviews from some of my favorites over the years. This entire album is as ingrained in my musical vocabulary as "Free Bird" or "Don't Stop Believing" is for the casual radio hits listener.  It's backed by an... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Deal!!

I'm not big on resolutions but, I do see the turning of the year as a tick mark on my available days left on this earth.  Being that my birthday is in December, that adds a little urgency come Jan 1 to reevaluate everything and see where I can make improvements.  There are many to... Continue Reading →

Idle Hands

Having a spouse that sacrifices her time working 2nd shift, instead of being home with us at night is a challenge but, also a great family benefit.  She's able to get the kids to school and be there from the time they are born until we send them off to school.  We are more in... Continue Reading →

That took a while

It's been a couple years since I started this and am just now figuring out what to do with it. I'm now on the verge of my 43rd birthday and the need to really make an impact and take my future in my own hands is more pressing than ever.  The daily grind of the... Continue Reading →

First Post

I downloaded this app in January to start a new blog about what I do and "interesting" things about my life. That hasn't gone so well so it must not be too interesting. I have 2 kids and another on the way, although at the time of writing this, no one else knows. I have... Continue Reading →

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