I finally have my podcast up and running and here’s where you can find it. It’s a great interview with Scott Rosenbaum who directed the film Sidemen – Long Road to Glory. Check out the interview and go get the film at iTunes or Amazon.

Colton Crawford – Banjer for The Dead South and much, much, more. The Art Inside the Craft

Colton Crawford is an incredible banjo player in one of the most exciting and ground breaking bands touring the roads today, and that's not even the most interesting thing about him.  Picking up the banjo relatively late, in his early 20's, he worked to master the instrument that guys like Steve Martin really brought into pop culture.  So what do you do once you've got that in hand, well, start practicing Jujitsu and follow a passion for video game development. Colton has a large online twitch following and live streams both gaming content, and music content. We dive into his beginnings in music, starting the band, jujitsu, new music that's on the way, and the video game development.  If you're interested in gaming or banjo content, check out his Instagram page for his twitch schedule and what he's working on.  If you want to follow along with The Dead South Instagram page, click here or head to their website. You can also find those photos on my Instagram page here. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/artinsidethecraft/message
  1. Colton Crawford – Banjer for The Dead South and much, much, more.
  2. Al Torrence – studio owner, producer, and guitar player for The Allegheny High.
  3. Charles Wesley Godwin and his new album How The Mighty Fall
  4. Kirk West – From small town Iowa roots to Allman Brothers Band tour manager and acclaimed photographer.
  5. John Cuniberti and the OneMic Series

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