I finally have my podcast up and running and here’s where you can find it. It’s a great interview with Scott Rosenbaum who directed the film Sidemen – Long Road to Glory. Check out the interview and go get the film at iTunes or Amazon.

Ian Noe's Interview at the Rust Belt in Moline, Illinois The Art Inside the Craft

Back in October 2019 I made the almost 2 hour trip from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Moline, Illinois to photograph and interview singer songwriter, Ian Noe.  His music is a genuine reflection of his life in Kentucky and the stories of people around him.  You could compare  him to any number of legendary singer songwriters but I think that after you listen to Ian's music you'll see that the result of what he sings and the music he plays, is uniquely and completely original. Ian discusses putting the album together, some of the influences that affect his songwriting, and his dislike of EP's.  Go to Ian's website http://www.iannoe.com and grab a copy of Between the Country and be ready to experience brutally honest songwriting, and a singer who, I will predict now, will be ranked among the legends of folk/country music in the next 20 years.  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/artinsidethecraft/message
  1. Ian Noe's Interview at the Rust Belt in Moline, Illinois
  2. Scott Rosenbaum and his documentary Sidemen-Long Road to Glory

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