Art Inside the Craft Podcast

I finally have my podcast up and running and here’s where you can find it. It’s a great interview with Scott Rosenbaum who directed the film Sidemen – Long Road to Glory. Check out the interview and go get the film at iTunes or Amazon.

Omar Doom and his album Straight Razor 2. The Art Inside the Craft

Omar Doom has spent his entire life, and career in pursuit of following his artistic passions and creating pieces of work that grab your attention.  Whether painting along the Seine in France, creating incredible, and interesting music, or plying his acting craft alongside actors like Brad Pit and Vanessa Ferlito in a Quentin Tarantino film, Omar is absolutely a master at his chosen discipline.  And his latest full length album, Straight Razor 2, again proves that mastery as a thematic and exciting collection of electronic music that is, as the title infers, sharp as a straight razor. Omar and I dig through some of his musical and artistic background growing up and how he's used that passion in each new area of his life that he tackles.  We talk through his creative process as it applies to his music and how he is also diving into remixing other artists songs as well.  He also tells me that he has many more songs to be put out and I look forward to how he takes on that John Carpenter, single minded focus, and begins creating a variety of artwork and completed projects. Follow Omar at his website, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify to stay up to date on what he's working on next, pick up album, or some of his very cool merch. Follow me at my Instagram account,, or hit my Linktree for any other projects coming up. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Omar Doom and his album Straight Razor 2.
  2. Jimmy Gnecco talks OURS and a look at his creative process.
  3. Benjamin Dakota Rogers
  4. Myron Elkins – Michigan native with a huge voice and humble roots.
  5. Elizabeth Moen, an Iowa Songbird.

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