The Art Inside the Craft video series

I can’t believe that I forgot to put out a post on my website about my new video series…but I did.

I’ve taken the next evolutionary step as a writer to include some video and interviews to my portfolio of work.  I love the writing but I feel the best way to get the word out is to also include audio and video to the written page.  In addition to that I wanted to put out some honest and in depth content that I find lacking in the music world.

I mean, do we really need to know, for the 1000th time, that Rich and Chris Robinson dislike each others presence and will not be getting The Black Crowes back together?  Is the gauge of guitar strings that Charlie Starr from Blackberry Smoke uses going to really be a game changer?  Don’t you want to dig a little deeper and find out what really makes these artists do what they do?

Well, I did and I finally did something about it.  I’ll steal my own words from the page and say that , The Art Inside the Craft is an exploration into the creative process of individuals who not only have a physical craft that they work, but also an art: the “expression of human creative skill and imagination.” It’s an exploration of how the art affects the physical product.  The symbiotic relationship between the physical act of creating, and the artistic way in which an individual interjects unique and subtle elements into that creation is absolutely fascinating. My own desires to understand, and apply what these artisans have captured, has led me to this new video series.

I try and dig into the artists and what lead them to this point.  In the case of a band like Making Movies you have 2 Panamanian brothers, and 2 Mexican Brothers working to put a spotlight on social injustices and the struggle immigrants face daily trying to make a better life for them selves.  In the case of The Artesinals you have a lead singer who writes songs that can be taken to heart no matter who you love.  And somewhere along the way I hope to turn you on to their music and help support their music by bringing them some new fans.

I’m running with a couple of cameras I already had, a podcasting mic to capture some decent audio, and no previous experience in editing or knowledge on how to put together a final product.  It’s pretty raw and sometimes audio may just drop out and cause me to use the audio from the camera  Or, I end up using some blown out, over exposed video because I didn’t hit the record button on the main camera. (Yes that happened on my first video)

It’s real life and not perfect but I think it accurately reflects the humans on the other side of the instruments and is a real introduction to their craft.  I’m really interested in a lasting conversation with them that will help understand them and the music they make.  Ii hope you enjoy it as the series rolls on and there are some wonderful people coming up.

Keep an eye on Americana Highways, who is graciously hosting my videos.  Here’s the first one with Bill Bloomer.  Enjoy!!!

Americana Highways

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