Legendary producer Michael Beinhorn

I had the pleasure of interviewing acclaimed producer Michael Beinhorn to discuss his new pre-production services. It was an amazing phone call and listening to him breakdown, not only why it was necessary, but also why the industry is the way it it, was incredible.  He’s been instrumental on a number of ground breaking and important albums and now is offering those services to artists on every level.

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Here’s the first question where we discuss why it’s important. I could have made that about twice as long because of all the great info and detail but, it all came out well in the end and highlighted his vision on getting music ready for an album. You can read the rest over at ink19.

Q: What are you seeing in the recording process that prompted you to begin offering this service to artists and why is it needed?

A: One thing I started encountering was artists who, essentially, wrote their record, went into a studio, had a producer there, didn’t understand what the function of the producer was and just figured it was just gonna go a little something like this. Set up mic’s, record, edit everything, get done, mix, records out, and then tour. I was kind of stupefied the first time I started to experience this and I thought it must be some kind of crazy anomaly. Over time I began to encounter more and more artists who had no understanding of what an artist and a producer, not should be, but could be.

That there could be more to it than the producer, in the modern conception of the producer, as he’s the guy who essentially gets you sound. That’s not really a producer, that an engineer. A producer can have those skills you know… but what they offer is a discerning sense, an over riding kind of taste, and an ear for what works and what doesn’t work and also like a horse sense about it too that they can bring to the overall mix of the recording project.

And seeing that that kind of contribution has fallen by the way side, severely, and the modern conception of how a record is made is purely utility. That there is a sense of functionality about it and there’s nothing about, umm this doesn’t feel right. You get very little of that now.

I wish I was at a stage of needing to get an album put together because working with Mr. Beinhorn would be a dream come true.  I guess I better get to work and start putting it all down on paper.  Stay tuned for more great articles, interviews, and who knows…maybe an album!!!

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