Who wants to start playing guitar 3

Hopefully, the previous 2 posts have given you some confidence and you are starting to strum a little and make some organized noise.  If you’ve hit those exercises, your fingers will go where you want and form some cool chords.  If you’ve practiced the CAGED system, hopefully you’re hitting chords in different places on the neck and starting to get some comfort moving around.

This process can take the next 20 years of your life so, depending on your level of aptitude to advance, you have to decide where you go from here.  Some players want to be the acoustic guitar guy/gal that pulls out the guitar and serenades the party.  Some want to become Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughn, or Samantha Fish. it’s all what you like and how your skill progresses.

One thing that I have yet to really address is Music Theory.  I didn’t suggest getting lessons in post 1 or 2 because I never took lessons per say.  I had a couple guys show me the ropes and teach me their idea of guitar playing but I never sat down with someone that taught me the A B C’s of playing and the theory behind it.  I wish I’d put in the time earlier to have a better base but that’s where my playing is taking me now.

I’m not against any music theory, it was just not my cup of tea.  I wasn’t a great student in geometry or science and to me, music theory felt about the same way.  I think that I’ve picked up a few things here and there but I couldn’t name them or telly you what they are, I just play it.

You will need to decide how deep you want to get into Theory but I would suggest diving into it at some point.  I believe that Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more opportunities it can open up.  If you understand the language of music and how to fit the pieces together in a “academic” way, you may develop a style based off of one tiny piece that you pick up and can change everything.

I grabbed a book you can find anywhere called The Chord Wheel  that is pretty handy for a beginner that knows their basic to intermediate chords.  This is about as deep into music theory as I’ve ever gone and even this has been a big help.  It may be the only Theory I ever learn but, for me, it’s a good snapshot of what I had questions about and what my next step is.

If you struggle with being a self starter, google, or ask around at your local guitar shop for who teaches the style of music that you want to play.  And, even if they don’t teach the style you want, they will be able to help build that base that you need.  My bigest suggestions is find what you want to play and stick with it. Don’t get discouraged, keep pushing through whatever it is.

Now, having gone through all that, here are a few videos on both sides of the issue.  Watch these and then decide for your self how you want to play.

Why Guitar Players Shouldn’t Learn Theory
Music Theory For Beginner Guitarists – What Do You NEED To Know?

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