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A frank conversation with The Dozens Travis Posey and the struggle to make it in the music business.

I’m from the old school when it comes to most things in life, especially music.  I still buy physical CD’s and Vinyl so I can experience the entire package that the artist is offering up.  I do it for many reasons but a few of the most important are because I want to hear the

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The Art Inside the Craft video series

I can’t believe that I forgot to put out a post on my website about my new video series…but I did. I’ve taken the next evolutionary step as a writer to include some video and interviews to my portfolio of work.  I love the writing but I feel the best way to get the word

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Magnolia Boulevard, taking the music scene by storm.

Always on the hunt for new music and interesting people with amazing talent, I stumbled across a Kentucky based band called Magnolia Boulevard.  The 5 piece is made up of Ryan Allen on keys, Todd Copeland on drums, Gregg Erwin on guitar, Maggie Noelle on guitar and vocals, and John Roberts on bass. Photo by

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