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Chicago native, Patrick Lyons, makes his mark on country music.

At the Ian Noe/Colter Wall show in October of 2018, I missed grabbing a photo with either of the 2 headliners as they walked the grounds of Codfish Hollow but, was lucky enough to stumble upon drummer Jordan Solly Levine, and Patrick Lyons who handled the lap steel and dobro that night.  In hopes of

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Ian Noe and Colter Wall.

In October, I attended another show at Codfish Hollow and was stunned by the music created by these two gentleman and their accompanying band mates. They are simultaneously the roots of where their individual brand of music came from and, the direction that great music should be going. They each blend personal life experience with

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Ellie Monster – A cut above the rest.

I don’t mean to brag but, this article content is awesome and will possibly have more damn pictures than words.  Every time I think I have the coolest photos of Ellie Lahey’s work in here,  I find, or she posts more that I switch out. A couple years back I was obsessed with a particular

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