Month: May 2018

Greyhounds – Cheyenne Valley Drive just posted my review of the Greyhounds – Cheyenne Valley Drive. If you dig the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Doyle Bramhall II, J.J. Grey and the Mofro, or anything in general coming out of Austin, TX or the Swamps of Florida, buy this album or see these guys live.

Angelo Santelli

I have been following Angelo Santelli’s career for a while and while he may not be on your radar yet, he should be.  In the simplest terms possible,  you can put his slide talent snugly between  Duane Allman and Derek Trucks.  It would be a gross understatement to box him into that category but, it

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All things Aiden – The next generation of BMX racer.

When I was growing up back in the 80’s, a BMX bike was what every boy in my neighborhood wanted . Every movie and TV show worth it’s salt had a cool BMX kid who could do the jumps and come to a sliding stop at just the right spot. Hard as I tried, actual

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